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Print color chart

Post by Max »

I can not print "Print ink limit test row" or "Print color chart" for a custom profile. I can print all three Test/Demo pages from Utilities, as well as from Gimp, Gnome Image Viewer, Evince document viewer and Libre Office. I can use multiple paper sizes without problem.

When trying to print "row"or "chart", paper goes straight through the printer (Canon iP 8720) and Turboprint Printer Monitor informs its a Paper type/size mismatch.

I upgraded to the latest version of Turboprint Pro, but nothing changed. My OS is Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.
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Re: Print color chart

Post by zedonet »

Hello Max,

please excuse the delay. If a paper type / size mismatch is reported, the paper type or size set at the printer properly doesn't match the paper type & size sent by the TurboPrint driver.

For color charts, TurboPrint always requests A4 sized paper - if you have set the printer to "Letter" size, this may cause the reported problem and you can try to select "A4 size" at the printer.

Also the paper type may not match. Which paper type did you select when creating the profile entry in TurboPrint Control? You can open the profiles dialog and look for the line "Paper class" in the profile data table.
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