Hahnemuehle Baryta too warm using ZEDOnet profile?

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Hahnemuehle Baryta too warm using ZEDOnet profile?

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I have received my ZEDOnet profiles (for Epson R2400 and grayscale optimized) for Epson Luster and Hahnemuehle PhotoRag Baryta. I am happily impressed with the results. Very happy indeed! This was well expended money.

The Baryta paper is warmer than the Epson. My test image (monochrome) printed on the Epson paper looks very neutral. However, printed on Baryta it looks a tad too warm (yellow). It is not bad but I just wonder if it is a tad too much.

I tried modifying the result by moving the vertical slider on the Color/Grey Tone widget away from yellow. I used -10. The result has a much neutral tonality but the shadows were compressed a bit, hiding some of the detail I can see on the default print on this same paper.

I should experiment with other adjustments. But I wanted to ask first. Would you have a recommendation on how to use the Color/Grey Tone adjustment? Perhaps coupled with some Brightness/Contrast control?

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