Quick Installation of Profiles?

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Quick Installation of Profiles?

Post by nholtz »

Re: TurboPrint 2.50 on Linux for Epson SC P-800

I've installed a number of extra profiles for Epson paper by downloading the .icc files
from the Epson support site.

Can I just copy the resulting files in /usr/share/turboprint/profiles to another
licensed machine to save the trouble of going through the menu system again in
TurboPrint Control?

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Re: Quick Installation of Profiles?

Post by zedonet »

Hello nholtz,

it is possible to copy the files of profiles directory to the second computer - the profiles should be shown there if the printer was set up with the same name.
However, we need to point out that you will not get very good results when using icc profiles created for the Epson manufacturer driver with TurboPrint. It is important to know that color reproduction is dependent on printer, ink, paper AND the printer driver - this is because every driver has its own internal color mixing and dithering techniques and also a different linearisation (even when printing uncalibrated without a profile).
To get perfect colors, the profiles should be created using the TurboPrint driver (i.e. the color chart that is measured must be printed with the correct driver).

We offer some additional color profiles for your Epson SC-P800 on the TurboPrint website. Tp find these profiles select "Supported printers" in the left menu, then enter or select your printer. At the bottom of the printer specific page the additional color profiles are listed.
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