Computer Crashed / Customer service

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Computer Crashed / Customer service

Post by Trymer »

My computer crashed and Dell had me wipe everything out. I reinstalled windows but all my added programs were gone. I reinstalled PrintFab and contacted them but never got a response. I guess the purchase was only for the one time. I will purchase another product with a company that stands behind the product and has have decent customer service. Anyone else ever get a response when the have a problem?

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Re: Computer Crashed / Customer service

Post by zedonet »

Hello Trymer,

you can move your PrintFab license even to a new computer or activate it again after reinstallation of the OS. You just need to install the software package again, then activate it with your license keyfile. In case of a new computer it might be necessary to contact us in case the keyfile activation was rejected for too many installations.
Sorry for not answering your previous message, but I could not find any older message from you, it was probably not received.
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