Creating Digital Negatives

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Creating Digital Negatives

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Hello! I have a canon ix6850 to make digital negatives. As I understand it, I should use only the pigmented black ink. This happens, I think, only with the "plain paper" option. The maximum resolution there is 2400 dpi (grayscale mode, sRGB). I have increased the ink to 340%.
Is there anything I can do to increase the density and resolution of the image?
Perhaps using the options: ref. light, gamut, shadows?...
Thanks a lot!
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Re: Creating Digital Negatives

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you are right, density for digital negatives is best with pigmented black ink. To print with pigmented black ink, you have to select "Plain Paper" - this is a limitation of the iX6850 firmware.

Unfortunately the Canon firmware also limits ink amounts in the setting "Plain Paper", so increasing the setting "Screen Ink Saturation" has little effect.

For these reasons, most customers that use a Canon PIXMA iX6800series printers for screen printing also equip the printer with an "All black" ink cartridge set - all colors are replaced by a special pigmented UV blocking ink.
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