Profile sharing, colour spaces

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Profile sharing, colour spaces

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I recently acquired an Epson R2880. Lovely printer, but with the gutenprint driver it has a strong yellow cast. The turboprint prints (on epson glossy) look good, noticeable different from the Epson driver, in some aspects I prefer the turboprint output. My options therefore are to purchase turboprint, or print from Windows.

The main problem with turboprint is that there are fairly few profiles supplied for this printer. For example, most of the Ilford papers, and the more specialist Epson papers, are not there. For Windows, I can get profiles from the paper manufacturers. I know I can get individual profiles done, but while the cost for one or two is reasonable, I don't know what papers I will end up using, and it is difficult to experiment with papers without having profiles first.

I appreciate that there is a limit to how many papers you can profile for each printer, but I would expect that other turboprint users with this printer have made profiles, either using your services, or with their own equipment, which they might be willing to share. My question is, do you allow (or even support, maybe through this forum) users sharing profiles and experiences with different papers? Is it possible to use profiles from other printers with similar print engines (e.g. R3000 in my case)?

Also, which of the many Ilford Omnijet papers is the one profiled?

Within Bibble Pro, I use Pro Photo RGP colour space, I understand I need to have the Studio version of turboprint because that is not one of the build-in profiles. Is there likely to be a noticeable difference, compared to converting the image to Adobe RGB for printing ?

I'd support the call for the ability to create soft proofing profiles.


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Re: Profile sharing, colour spaces

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Hello Thorsten,

users are allowed to share profiles and we are actually planning to create a database with profiles that have been measured so fare.

The Ilford paper profile in the driver is for "Ilford Omnijet Professional Photo Glossy Inkjet Paper" (also usable for Pearl paper with almost identical results).

To use the ProPhoto RGB color space, the Studio version of TurboPrint is required. Otherwise you can use one of the built-in profiles like sRGB. There is a difference in very vivid colors that cannot be expressed in the sRGB color space, so the difference is not visible in all photos.

Exporting soft proofing profiles and a new preview tool with soft proofing capability is under development.
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Re: Profile sharing, colour spaces

Post by olssy »

I agree that there should be somewhere for us to share profiles. I've been looking for such a thing for the past half hour before finding this post. I found other posts of users that seem to have the profile I need in there list but it's not in mine and I can't find a list of what profiles should be installed by default. Apart from that I love turboprint! With my cups server and linux clients it is exactly what I needed. In case anyone has a profile for the Canon PT-101 paper, please post it :)

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