Registration for TurboPrint

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Registration for TurboPrint

Post by Spokk85 »

How can I register the program TurboPrint?
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Re: Registration for TurboPrint

Post by zedonet »

Hello Spokk85,

if you have purchased a license for TurboPrint/Linux, you do not need to register it as all license keyfiles are personalized and already in our customer database.
In case you want to purchase a license, please visit where you can order software licenses.
As you entered your question in the PrintFab/Windows Forum, PrintFab for Windows is currently in a beta state and does not need a license purchase. You can register your free PrintFab/Windows beta copy in the "about" menu of PrintFab Control Center (the PrintFab settings program - registered beta tester will get a discount on license keyfile when the final version is released.
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