Problem with margins when CD printing to PIXMA Pro9000

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Problem with margins when CD printing to PIXMA Pro9000

Post by rasman » Wed Mar 30, 2011 12:51 pm

I'm trying to print a CD using a Canon PIXNMA Pro9000.
I'm using OpenOffice Draw 3.2 on Ubuntu Lucid.

I'm finding it very difficult to get predictable positioning of my label on the CD. I'm using a 140mmx140mm page with 10cm boarders all round.
The offset for CD/DVD is set to zero and the boarderless printing set set (I can't unset it), with the slider at max.

With this set up, the print image is shrunk effectively doubling the boarders to 2cm. Nothing I do seems to change this. For example setting the page to 12x12 with 0 boarders makes no difference.
The print options also have fit to page checked. If I uncheck this the image slips diagonally overlapping the edge of the CD.

Looking at print.log I see some adjustment being made, but I don't know whether these are correct:
Custom user pagesize id=1001
width=5512 height=5512
minmargins left=134 right=134 top=118 bottom=275
margins left=394 right=394 top=394 bottom=394
offset left=0 right=0 scale x=10000 y=10000
size corrected to 6772 10827
offset corrected for CD printing to left=-78 top=-78
margins corrected to l,r,t,b=992,1134,4492,1689
cdmask 1575,4646
print_file: tp_init->preview=2
print_file: preview with pause - wait for user confirmation
set_image width=1019 height=1019

What do I need to do to get CD printing to work correctly?


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Re: Problem with margins when CD printing to PIXMA Pro9000

Post by zedonet » Wed Mar 30, 2011 2:59 pm

double post - thread continued here ... 2756#p2756

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