TurboPrint FAQ

Can I test the software before purchasing a license?

After installing the download version of TurboPrint on your computer you can use and test it for 30 days with all functions and features. Thus you can check if TurboPrint works flawlessy with your printer and Linux system and see if it fully meets your expectations in print quality and usability.

After the 30-day test period TurboPrint will add a logo to printouts produced by TurboPrint. The trial version can be converted into the full version by purchasing a license keyfile in our online shop.

Please consider that the trial version also offers the additional features of TurboPrint „Studio“. These special „Studio“ features will be disabled if you activate TurboPrint with a „Pro“ license keyfile.

Is my printer supported by TurboPrint?

TurboPrint supports most ink jet printers from Canon, Epson and HP as well as some laser printers from HP and Brother. We are continually adding additional drivers for new printers. Please check our list of supported printers and see if your model is already supported.

Which printer features are supported?

We attempt to support all printer capabilities. Of course TurboPrint utilizes the highest possible print resolution. If available, printer features like duplexing unit, CD printing, roll paper, etc, are supported for most printers.

Does TurboPrint work with All-In-One printers (multifunctional devices with printer, scanner and fax) ?

There are drivers for many multifunction printers available in TurboPrint. However, TurboPrint only supports the printer part of those devices. For using the integrated scanner of fax you will need additional driver software, like the open-source project SANE.

Does TurboPrint support printing on inkjet-printable CDs?

Yes, if your printer is capable of printing on CD/DVD, TurboPrint supports that feature. You can adapt the size of the printable region and even reposition the printout to some extent if the CD is not positioned correctly. For designing your CD prints use graphics programs like OpenOffice Draw.

Can I print over the network or with printers connected to a printer server?

Yes, TurboPrint can also address printers that are connected to a printer server box or printers that are connected to a Linux or Windows computer within your network.

If TurboPrint is also installed on the remote computer, even printer status and ink levels are reported via the network.

What are the system requirements for TurboPrint?

TurboPrint runs on all major Linux distributions, like Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat, Fedora, SuSE, Mandriva, etc. Most smaller Linux versions are based on one of the major distributions – hence you can also use TurboPrint with those Linux systems.

Just download and test the 30-day trial version of TurboPrint to find out if it works perfectly with your Linux system.

TurboPrint only runs on Intel/AMD compatible X86 computers with 32/64 bit architecture. We recomment at least 256MB of memory and a hard drive.

When I will buy a new printer, will I need an update of TurboPrint?

All updates of TurboPrint within version 2.x are free in the first 6 months after your license purchase – i.e. if you get a new printer which is supported by a new version of TurboPrint you can download the latest update and activate it with your license keyfile within that 6-month-period.

Optionally you can purchase a „2 years free updates“ option at a small sucharge. With that option you can activate and use all updates of TurboPrint released in the next 24 months with your license keyfile, even a possible version 3.x.

Can TurboPrint achieve good printing results even with 3rd party media/paper?

Yes, TurboPrint already offers some media support for paper of different manufacturers, e.g. Kodak or Tetenal. Just select the appropriate paper in the media list and you will get perfect printing results.

If you want to print on other paper/media, e.g. a paper that meets your high quality demands or paper of a more favourable price, you create an individual color profile or have the TurboPrint service creat it for you. With an individual profile colors are matched perfectly on „your“ paper.

Can TurboPrint achieve good printing results even with 3rd party inks?

Yes, a color cast that is very often caused by compatible inks can be removed by a color measurement with creation of an individual color profile for these inks.

Compatible ink cartridges always contain different color pigments than the original ink cartridges because of patent-protection. Therefore you get slight color casts when combining and mixing the inks in the same way as the original inks.

With an individual color profile for these inks those color casts are considered and adjusted by TurboPrint. Thus the colors of the printouts are nearly equal to those with original inks.

Why is it so important that the printer drivers is exactly adjusted to ink and paper?

If the printer driver does not know the paper you are printing on, it is possible that printouts show a colour cast, are pale or even too much ink is applied and tends to flow on the paper.

For reproducing colors correctly, ink quantity and ink mixture must be adjusted exactly to the paper (and ink). Depending on the paper surface, inks behave very different when they are mixed as they also react with the paper coating. A resulting color cast must be known to the driver for being able to compensate it.

The same applies to compatible inks of 3rd party manufacturers, which use different color pigments because of patent-protection.

How do I get an individual color profile using the TurboPrint color profiling service?

With the TurboPrint color profiling service you can create individual color profiles for paper and / or inks that are not yet supported by the driver.

Choose the „print color chart“ option in TurboPrint's profile management menu and print an A4 color chart containing about 700 color patches. Send this chart to our technicians who measure the chart and its color casts. They create an individual color profile which is sent back to you via email and can then be integrated in the TurboPrint color management.

In case you have got your own color spectrometer and appropriate software, you can also create such color profiles on your own.

For using the TurboPrint color profiling service you first need to purchase an order code for every color chart you want to send in. Order codes are available in our online shop.