TurboPrint 2 - Features

The TurboPrint printing system for Linux not only offers high-quality printer drivers, but also comfortable tools for printer monitoring, error diagnosis, color profile management, printer configuration etc.

Intelligent printer drivers

Drucker   No need to adjust settings like gamma, color saturation, color balance etc. Simply choose your printer, paper type and print quality – the rest is done by TurboPrint's intelligent printer drivers (of course expert users can control all settings manually).

Our drivers support nearly all features of your printer like special print media, CD/DVD printing on certain printers, photo inks and highest print resolution.

Color management

  A highlight of TurboPrint 2 is the new integrated color management – it is easy to use and ensures perfect colors. You can choose the document color space, adjust the light source and correct color & grey balance. The "Studio" version of TurboPrint also supports CMYK proof prints with exact colors.

Using the color profiles that are included with TurboPrint (and additional color profiles either from ZEDOnet's profiling service or your own ICC profiles) each shade of color is perfectly matched in the printout.

For perfect color matching from your input device, TurboPrint Studio can also import ICC profiles of your scanner's or digital camera's color space.

Printer status monitor

  Be always informed on what your printer is doing. TurboPrint 2 comes with a new printer status monitor that continually shows printer status, remaining ink and print jobs – even over a network connection, if the printer is attached to a Linux printer server where TurboPrint is installed.

Panel applet

  TurboPrint features a KDE3 or Gnome panel applet that informs on printer warnings & errors and offers quick access to TurboPrint's status monitor and control center.

Print preview

  When printing documents (e.g. from a web browser) the printout is often quite different from what you see on the screen. Use TurboPrint's preview feature to see what the prints will look like, thus minimizing waste of ink and paper.

Manual duplex printing

  Only few printers feature an automatic duplex unit to print on both sides of the paper. With TurboPrint every printer can print duplex! If the "manual duplex" feature is activated, TurboPrint will first print all odd pages of a document. Then the user is informed to reverse the paper stack and TurboPrint will print all even pages.

Color profiling service

  Using our profiling service you can further improve print quality – especially if you are using compatible ink cartridges or print media that are not directly supported by our drivers. We create individual color profiles at a very affordable price – no expensive hard- & software is required!
TurboPrint can print a color chart page with approx. 700 color patches. The ZEDOnet profiling service will measure the color chart with a spectrophotometer and send you an individual color profile by e-mail.
With an individual color profile, color reproduction becomes more accurate. It also ensures the best print quality on third party paper and ink.

Ink management - control color and save ink!

  TurboPrint not only matches document colors to printed colors, it also allows you to control the mix of inks applied to the paper. TurboPrint's intelligent ink saving mode can reduce ink consumption by 25-50% without producing pale looking pictures. This is done by limiting the maximum amount of ink used in saturated colors and by using more black ink in dark areas instead of mixing dark shades with color inks. With photo printers, TurboPrint can also reduce photo ink consumption and use the darker (and more economic) regular inks instead.
On the first glance you won’t even notice the difference!