The high-quality Linux printer driver for your Canon i9950 printer

TurboPrint 2.48-2 (24-May-2019)
(multifunction devices: only printer unit is supported, not scanner unit)

Canon i9950 - Linux printer driver features

TurboPrint LicenseTurboPrint Pro / TurboPrint Studio
Printer supported since TurboPrint version2.07
Color profiles includedPlain paper, Inkjet paper, Transparent CF102, Canon PhotoPlusGlossy PP101, Canon MattePhoto MP101, Canon GlossyPhoto GP301, Canon GlossyPhoto GP401, Canon HighResolutionPaper HR101, Canon PhotoPaperPro PR101, CD printable, Kodak Premium/Ultima, Ilford Smooth Gloss/Pearl, Ilford Classic Gloss/Pearl, Tetenal Spectrajet Glossy/Matte, Fuji PremiumPlus PhotoPaper, Zedonet PhotoGlossy200
Color managementsupported, extensible with user profiles
Color profile administrationyes
Print quality600dpi draft, 1200dpi, 2400dpi, 4800dpi
Automatic duplex-
Roll paper support-
Roll paper cutter-
Max. print size32.89 x 58.42cm / 12.95 x 23.00"
license TurboPrint Pro / TurboPrint Studio required to use the maximum print size
Printer ToolboxInk level display, Nozzle test print, Print head cleaning, Print head alignment, Test page
Printer status displaywith TurboPrint Monitor

Print your documents, graphics & photos easily and in professional quality – using the well-proven, award-winning TurboPrint printing system for Linux.

Clearly better print quality: The TurboPrint driver supports the maximum quality of your printer and its built-in color management ensures perfect colors with any paper and ink (affordable color profiling service is optionally available).

The TurboPrint driver supports borderless printing, manual and automatic duplex printing and CD/DVD printing (depending on the printer, see table below).

Quick and easy Linux printer setup with TurboPrint Control, full control over your printer with TurboPrint Monitor including print preview and ink & status report. Compatible with most Linux distributions, e.g. Ubuntu, Mint, Manjaro, Fedora, SuSE, Debian.

More information on TurboPrint   Download

Download softproof ICC files for color profiles included with driver

Paper ICC softproof profile (1)
Plain paper Download
Inkjet paper Download
Transparent CF102 Download
Canon PhotoPlusGlossy PP101 Download
Canon MattePhoto MP101 Download
Canon GlossyPhoto GP301 Download
Canon GlossyPhoto GP401 Download
Canon HighResolutionPaper HR101 Download
Canon PhotoPaperPro PR101 Download
CD printable Download
Kodak Premium/Ultima Download
Ilford Smooth Gloss/Pearl Download
Ilford Classic Gloss/Pearl Download
Tetenal Spectrajet Glossy/Matte Download
Fuji PremiumPlus PhotoPaper Download
Zedonet PhotoGlossy200 Download

(1) This profile is meant only for soft proofing (simulating printed colors on a computer screen). Do not use this ICC profile as a print profile in your application.

Download color profiles for additional print media

Paper ManufacturerPaper
Avery ZweckformPremium Satin Inkjet 2558
CanonPhoto Paper PlusGlossy II PP201
Color CopyColor Copy
EFIGravure Proof Paper 4245 Semimatt
EFI Bestcolor8260 Proof Paper Semiglossy
HPP165CPDG Gloss Paper
IlfordGalerie Smooth Pearl
IlfordSmnooth Gloss 290g
TetenalSpectra Jet Duo Print
UnknownMatte Photo Paper

Download color profiles for compatible ink

Ink ManufacturerInk Paper ManufacturerPaper
Compatible Compatible No nameKopierpapier
D&C Compatible NeusiedlerColor Copy 100g
Digital Revolution Digital Revolution TetenalDuo Print 176g
Emtec Compatible XeroxColortec+
Hobbycilors Um8 SihlFotopapier
iColor NC.00006 billigdrucken.de180g Matt doppelseitig
iColor NC-00006 EFI4245 Semimatt
iColor NC-00006 Efi Color4245 semimatt
PrintRite Compatible EFIBudget Proof Paper 3170